Lord Ian MacLaurin

British Businessman
Former Chairman of Tesco,Vodafone & England and Wales Cricket Board

Lord Ian MacLaurin of Knebworth, DL, has a rich and diverse career that spans over half a century. He is not only the former Chairman of communications leader Vodafone and retail giant Tesco, but was also the Chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board and is an active philanthropist. Lord MacLaurin was knighted in 1989 and became a life peer, taking the title Baron MacLaurin of Knebworth, DL, in 1996.

Lord MacLaurin was born in Blackheath, Kent, in 1937 and was educated at Malvern College. At school, he was an active sportsman and played in the First XI, and as a youth, he was selected to play Minor Counties cricket for Hertfordshire. His love of sport, particularly cricket, has continued throughout his life.

Tesco Management Strategy – Success Story

He started to climb the career ladder to success in 1959, when he joined Tesco as a part of the management trainee programme. He was successful in moving through the ranks of the retail division until 1970, when he was elected to the Board. He was appointed Managing Director and subsequently Chairman of the Board in 1985. Lord MacLaurin followed in the footsteps of former Tesco Chairman Sir Leslie Porter, expanding operations and ensuring the success of the international supermarket chain. Under the leadership and expansion work of Ian MacLaurin, Tesco was able to overtake Sainsbury’s as Britain’s largest supermarket company.

Vodafone Chairman

After his retirement from Tesco in 1997, Ian MacLaurin was appointed as Non-Executive Director of communications company Vodafone. He became Chairman of the Board in 1998, stepping down for the AirTouch merger, and recommencing in 1999. He remained in the position until July 2006, but has since stayed on as an adviser to the company.

Lord MacLaurin is currently at Heineken International, where he serves as a Supervisory Board Member. He is also the Chairman of Paperless Receipts Ltd, a company that is active in digitalising stores' customer receipts and customer relations programmes.

Sports and Philanthropy

As Chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board from 1997 to 2002, Lord MacLaurin focused on transforming the administration of both the County Championship and the One-Day league into robust and successful organisations. He increased the income of the board to over £30 million and ensured that over £7 million was invested into developmental cricket across England and Wales. He is currently the Chairman of the Sports Honours Committee.

Ian Maclaurin is an active philanthropist and was the Chairman of the Vodafone Group Foundation, overseeing charitable donations on behalf of the international communications company. He was also Chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire, and is the current chair of the college council at Malvern College. He serves as a Trustee at Hope for Tomorrow and is Vice President of A Chance to Shine.


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